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Important news about energy and water conservation

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Customer reward Program

Starting April 1 our store customers will be eligible for Herb’s Rewards. As you make purchases you will accumulate points which will be redeemable for even more savings. You will also be eligible for in-store specials and special offers. And to make this as user friendly as possible, you don’t need a card, all you need is an account and phone number. Points will accumulate automatically. Come by one of our stores to see the full range of products you won’t find at a big box store. Get your questions answered by our pool specialists and let us guide you in your pool and spa care..

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When Pool water temperature is:
Water TurnsPump Run TimeMonths
65 Degrees or below1 time6-8 hoursDec, Jan, Feb
65-73 degrees1.5 times8-10 hoursMar, Apr, Oct, Nov
73 to 84 degrees2 times10-12 hours May, June
85 degrees and up2.5 times12-14 hoursJuly, Aug, Sept

The higher the temperature - the more chlorine consumption - the more circulation is required. 

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